Hi there, my name is LI, Xin. I am more or less a computer geek living in Mountain View, California, USA.

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I enjoyed music (specifically, classical music), stamp collection, and mathematics (Don't tell me if you are sick of this, I said I liked it, not that you have to like it too :-) ), astronomy, art design, as well as my major. Recently, I find myself enjoy photography a bit, also, I enjoy swimming during my spare time.

As someone who blows things up (hey, ain't it evil Xin?) in his early age, I am eager to know OS Kernel Internals, Distributed Computing Systems especially P2P systems, and information security. My life is not full of these nuts, of course, but I enjoy solving problems that are really challenging.

I could not get on well with everyone, but I would like to be your friend.

Share more bits about me... I can speak English, Mandarin, and Esperanto. It will be nice if you can talk Esperanto, too :-) I am eager to learn some other languages as time permits.

My Bloginality is ISTJ.

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Presently I am working as a full time FreeBSD developer.

I am a FreeBSD committer since September 14, 2004. Presently I have write access to all FreeBSD trees, which includes the src/, doc/ and ports/ tree. My primary focus is on the File System, the Virtual Memory System, mostly on stability, performance as well as code cleanness. I am a member of the FreeBSD security team and ports security team.

Academic life

I have received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science in July, 2004. Before that, I was an undergraduate student of Computer Science and Technology, at the School of Computer Science under Beijing University of Technology. I used to be a student at the High School affiliated to Renmin University of China.

I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and the Advanced Computing Systems Association.

I am a HE.net certified IPv6 Sage and yes, this site runs on IPv6.

What I have done

I got actively involved in computer science related activities during my High School and University life. I have fortunately begun my computing life much earlier than peer groups, and earned wide recognize of my expertise.

I was principal technical consultant of networking security technology at High School, and used to be president at Students' Association of Computer Machinery at School of Computer Science under my University.

During my university campus life I have been involved with many practical projects including designing and implementing a chunk of MIS and CMS systems based on both Windows ® and UNIX ®-alike operating systems. My programming and debugging experiences has earned me good reputation and I was the most trusted technical consult in my local development group. While there, I have organized many events, projects on practice and got awarded with several scholarships, including two times to award as "Excellent Students' Cadre".

I have also received 2004 China Computer World Scholarship and 2003 Kitagawa Scholarship for my contribution on technical research at university.

I used to be a regular member of ACM/ICPC representative team of my university and get participated twice in 2002's Beijing and Xi'an ACM/ICPC contests (Honorable Mention). I have been lecturer in later campus ACM/ICPC interest group activities and helped many freshmen to got their way to get anticipated in our local ACM/ICPC contests in the university.  Proudly my university has used our team name, "Pioneer", as the name of intramural ICPC competitions, for a remember of our contributions.

I have jointly founded Frontfree Technology Network, an academic website on Computer Science and Technology, along with my colleagues in 2001. The website has earned its fame because its professionalism on academic research and technical applications on wide areas of the computer science. When acting as the principal technical officer and executive officer during late 2001 to early 2003, I have accomplished my mission with a sign of having a more than five times of daily independent visitors and significant increase of registered users at the website.

When working as a principal engineer at the software development teams I got involved, I have promoted my beliefs of how to produce high quality software, as well as significant techniques to guarantee them. I have published a number of related articles and papers on several mediums, including on magazines and on website.

I have paid most of my attention into the research of Computer Science, and what have interested me most are: Distributed and Parallel Computing (especially, peer to peer and grid computing), Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Compile Time Optimizations, as well as Operating System technologies.

During 2004-2006, I have helped my employer to improve the overall quality of the free e-mail system. By adopting a new storage architecture, we have drastically reduced the cost of system. Also, I have replaced the MX servers (which used to run qmail) with postfix, also, I have done a new design and implementation of the anti-spam engine which have reduced the misidentified spams to improve the user experience about our e-mail system, while cutting spam emails more effectively, and is much more conformable to existing Internet standards.

Presently, I am working on the Operating System infrastructure in performance and stability aspects. My current job is to oversee development on large Internet system deployment mechanism, to improve FreeBSD's performance, etc.

What I am doing

As a core member and co-PI of the FreeBSD China Community and project principal of the FreeBSD Simplified Chinese Project, I played a key role of bringing the operating system a better i18n and l10n support, as well as making the documentation into the Chinese Language. Currently I am organizing a group of volunteers working on the project.

I am very actively involved with the FreeBSD Project. I liked the "shut up and code" mot from the development server of the FreeBSD Project, and the *BSD philosophy. DragonFly, on the other hand, provided a different way of design and implementation approach that I am very interested to, and I am working to reduce the diverge between the two projects.

I used to work on a project called "TMPFS" which is an efficient in-memory file system, and was first shipped with FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE.

Recently I am working with others to bring a newer ZFS to FreeBSD system as well as improvements to FreeBSD hardware drivers, userland utilities, as well as system libraries.

What do I want

I would like to pursue a Ph.D degree in Computer Science specialized in High Performance Computing and P2P Computing or other related fields. This will be my main effort in the future years, and please contact me if you want to offer some help.


The easiest (and preferred) way to contact me is e-mail, the preferred address is d@delphij.net. Other addresses may work, but not guaranteed, except those got a promise from me. When you need increased security, e.g. in case confidential is needed, PGP encryption or signature is the preferred way, however, these technique can only be considered as an improvement to plain text e-mails, not an ultimate solution to security. You can obtain my PGP public key here, as I prefer encrypted and signed e-mails. There are several other ways to contact with me, for example, you can find me through MSN: delphij@msn.com.

NOTE MSN Account and Mobile Phone is only available for those I am aware in my real life. Also, I think it is important to share knowledge with others, so I will never answer a single question if I have no idea about who you are. If you want me to answer your question, post it publicly!

Please feel free to write me if you need more information about myself :-)

Note about E-Mail Security

Recently I was made aware that there is some forged e-mail that claims to be from me.  Please keep in mind that:

A brief history of my website

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I have been on Internet when I was in Middle School. A first version of my own website appeared on the Internet in September 1997, which is mostly related to Computer Virus and Security Technologies beacause I was so actively involved in these areas these days. I have abandoned that since then, as I was made aware that it is not the right things to do. After that, I have re-designed several new versions of the website, but have not found someone to host it. I used to have a guestbook for a short while but that was abandoned too.

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A third re-design of my homepage has been done but never been published. This is a simplified re-implement of my second homepage. On June 2006, the site has been converted to use CSS for its layout, and a RSS feed reader is implemented using JavaScript with asynchronous XML support found in recent web browsers.

Future development of this site

My everyday life is busy, so I hardly have some time to improve my own homepage. The next generation of this site would provide some new, and let me say, more popular features, a newly designed interface to make information more easy to find.